Hello and Welcome to Laughing Unicorn

We hope you enjoy browsing the site.  Our focus is on healing,  personal development and spiritual growth, with our ultimate aim being empowerment.

Through the various therapies we offer we can help you to create a meaningful life.   

Finding yourself and working on you can create a beautiful change in your world. Building a relationship with yourself will allow you to create healthy relationships with others.

We take great satisfaction in working with you to find your inner joy, to really know your worth and find where you 'belong'.

Our highly trained and experienced Therapists can help you to let go of the past, move away from drama and negativity and find your inner peace.

We offer therapies, courses, workshops, one to one sessions, group support and will tailor any service to suit your individual needs. 

If you are not sure what it is you want or need, we are happy to offer a no obligation chat to help advise on an appropriate way forward for you.  

We hold the following regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly groups - 

Monday Evening - 7 - 9.00 pm  (fortnightly) Soul Growth Development Group - a fun, informal group sharing growth and developing ourselves.

Monday Evening  - 7 - 8.30 pm (fortnightly) Managing Health Support Group - a support group working on health.

Wednesday Evening - 7 - 8.30 pm (weekly) Meditation Group - a fun and informal group with the focus on relaxing, meditation and laughter.

Thursday Evening - 7 - 9.00 pm (monthly)  Book Group - a really light and friendly group - each member taking turns to choose a book for discussion. 

Sunday Evening - 7 - 9.30 pm (monthly) Angelic Whispers Group - connect with the angels and work with their energy .

Please ask for more information - /contact-us