Having many years experience working as a mainstream Therapist Carolanne feels guided to work in the Spiritual Field and share healing with others. Carolanne offers an empathic approach and works from a place of love.

'My aim is to offer a service that is accessible to all - I am open to reaching out to as many people as possible and believe everyone can benefit from a listening ear and healing'.

Some services offered by Carolanne -

Relaxation through Visualisation Therapy

Stress can negatively impact your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It adversely affects your immune system. lowers your productivity at home and at work strains marital relationships and friendships and also affects parenting skills.

In this busy life we lead it seems virtually impossible to accomplish everything you need to do, without becoming stressed out. However It's not impossible. A little practice and you, too, can shake the stress off your shoulders! Once you learn to control and relieve your stress level, you'll see that you're able to accomplish more at home and at work.

Focusing on the benefits to the mind and body of deep relaxation. Most of the work I do in Relaxation Therapy is done through visualisation and use of imagination. It is very therapeutic and gives a warm feeling of calm.

I use this therapy to help clients to use the mind to achieve deep relaxation quickly and easily.

There are many many benefits of this therapy such as - Self Improvement (building self confidence, self esteem, social skills, overcoming shyness, assertiveness etc.), Health (motivationg weight loss, exercise routine, addictions), Personal Development (anxiety, self motivation booster and improved concentration), Pain relief, Stress Management and Relaxation.

As well as offering this as a one to ones session we also hold regular group sessions.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling is designed to help you effectively manage your behavioural or emotional issues through a metaphysical perspective. Through spiritual counselling I can help you to find ways to reduce suffering, determine who you are and find a sense of happiness and inner peace. However we also offer you the opportunity to better understand the meaning of life for you and to enable you to assess your purpose, and guide you on to your path through exploring your higher self. As the title suggests spiritual counselling focuses on a person's spiritual beliefs. We work to help you develop your own individual spiritual beliefs and combine this to work through any issues or blocks that may be leading you to feel stuck or unhappy. This counselling will usually be a combination of traditional counselling methods and also calling on spiritual guidance to look at the best way forward.

I can offer counselling in specific areas such as -

Healing Past Hurt  - Includes -  Metaphysical Counselling, Meditations at least one of which will be a healing meditation,  Past life healing and/or Angelic Reiki Healing.

Clearing Blocks to Spiritual Growth - Metaphysical Counselling and Card Reading to discover what your blocks are, Balancing Chakras, Clearing Karma, looking at vows and contracts from past lives, Severing chords, Meditation and Healing Session.

Who am I – Spiritual Growth – includes – Metaphysical Counselling, Balancing Chakras, Discovering  which Angels are working with you and where you are on your life path,  what are your next steps, Card Reading, Meditation and Healing Session.

Or we can explore any route or issue you would choose.

These sessions can be booked in hourly blocks, and can be tailored to your needs.

Angelic Energy Therapy

This is a therapy using a combination of different techniques, skills and modalities such as Angelic reiki along with divine healing, ascension and Angelic guidance. We work closely with the Angels, connecting you to your own personal Angels and seeking guidance for whichever areas of your life you want to focus on. This is gentle yet powerful and guided, you of course have free will and we will always discuss the techniques we use and ensure you are comfortable. We will connect with Angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels as they come forward and any other divine beings who choose to come forward or you choose to connect with.

Each session is tailored to the individual and no 2 sessions will be the same.

As with all of our therapies, we are able to offer a healing space, which offers an opportunity to relax and connect to an inner sense of calm. We offer you a non-judgemental positive space to aid healing and find a clear path.

This therapy can benefit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues as you go through life’s challenges or just become a little lost.

Can be offered as a stand alone one off session or as a set of sessions according to your needs.

We will use a combination of any of the following – Angelic reiki, Angelic Protection, Realm Reading, Meditation, Connecting to your Guardian Angels, Oracle or Tarot card readings, Chakra Balancing, Crystals, Aura work, Self development, Connection to other energies and Clairvoyance Therapy. This list is not exhaustive and it is not possible to offer all of these in one session. Your angels will let you know which you need.

Each session will usually be 90 – 120 minutes. A session will not be rushed or cut off, if we are going to need longer then you will be advised of such at the start.

Price for one session is £40 - one session will allow a lot of healing work to take place, and I would usually advise a follow up session 2 – 4 weeks after.

If you would like a block of 6 sessions then this would be offered at the discounted rate of £200 if paid in advance.

As with all of our services these sessions are centred around your needs and requirements and will never work in any way that a client is not comfortable with.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please contact Carolanne direct –