Training Courses Available at Laughing Unicorn

We offer both Self Development and Accredited Practitioner  Training Courses:

Soul Connection Programme,   Angelic Connection Certified Course, Angelic Guidance Therapy Practitioner Course (accredited and insurable), Intuitive Energy  Healing Practitioner Course (accredited and insurable) and Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Course - all courses are certified and accredited where appropriate. 

Soul Connection Programme - Spiritual Development & Self Discovery Diploma **

This course can be done in three parts, each part can be stand alone - a certificate is offered.   If all three parts are completed then a Diploma is awarded.
All three parts together are a year long. 
Level 1      -     Soul Discovery - 6 week course - £75
Covering :
Who Am I?
Connecting with Self
Chakra Cleansing
Your idea of Spirituality 

Level 2     -     Soul Growth - 6 week course £75
Protection & Grounding
Connecting with Others - sharing Energy
Understanding the Chakras
Meeting your Higher Self and working Intuitively
Discovering the clairs

Level 3     -     Soul Connection - 9 months course £360
Your creative project
Your Higher self and Higher Beings
Your Guardian Angel
Where did your soul originate from
Spirit Guides
Connecting with Animals and your Animal Guides
Who are the Elementals - Unicorns, Fairies etc
Connecting with others - taking it deeper.
Using Tools - pendulums, psychometry, oracle and tarot cards
Exploring Past Lives
Your Life Purpose
Future Life Progression

For all three parts (Diploma) the total would be £510 - if you choose to subscribe for the whole course - we offer a discounted rate of £425 or £36 per month.
If you choose to pay for the whole course upfront then a further discount will be added and the upfront payment would be £375
This is a great value for money course - the journey of self discovery will open you up to a new way of life.

What is Included:  Printed worksheets, weekly zoom calls and  regular in person workshop (15 in total for the year long course), unlimited email support, peer support, all exercises and a one to one coaching session with Carolanne.   And to add even more value a 25% discount off of ANY other service provided by Laughing Unicorn for the duration of the course.

Angelic Connection - Certificate 1 day course £35

Connecting with the Angels and meeting your Guardian Angel
Signs, Symbols and Numbers
Calling on the 7 Archangels
Working with Healing Angels
Deepening the Connection

Angelic Guidance Therapy Practitioner Course - 2 day Accredited and Insurable £150 **

To ensure you are able to enjoy the course, there is a prerequisite - you will have previous knowledge of working with Angels, or take the Angelic Connection course.
Grounding, Protection and Opening Space
Trust and Respect - honouring your client, staying in the love vibration and holding space.
Connecting with your Client and bringing in the Angels
Ascended Masters - who are they?
Intuition and Messages
Healing Tools for empowerment - Chakra clearing, Karma cutting, Meeting Guardian Angels
Card Reading
Disclaimers, Follow Ups, Insurance and Starting in Business.

Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner Course - 2 day Accredited and Insurable £75 **

Grounding, Protection and Opening Space
Exploring Energy
Healing tools, crystals, sound, colour, symbols
Clearing Karma and cutting chords
Intuitive Self Healing
Healing others Intuitively 
Intuitive Distant Healing

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Certified Course - 2 day course £80 **

Grounding, Protection and Opening Space
Connecting to Higher Self
Learning the Tarot and what they mean to you
Self Reading
Learning to read the Oracle 
Self Reading
Personalising your readings and spreads
Reading for others

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and 2, Master Healer Level 3 and 4 and Master Teacher ##

Angelic reiki is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, human consciousness and the planet.
Channelled through Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron this profound and beautiful healing system is often described as being powerful yet gentle.  It is a pleasant and life changing experience to be attuned to this healing.
Each course is carried out over 2 and a half days. 
You will be attuned to the system and be guided through various healing methods, and also learn how to attune healing tools.

The attunements are given through healing angels who will then work with each individual on a permanent basis.

We can also offer levels 1 - 4 as an intense course  carried out over 5 days.

For more information please get in touch 

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** These courses are accredited through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
## These courses are accredited through the Angelic Reiki Association