What people have shared with us about their experiences at Laughing Unicorn

Meditation at Laughing Unicorn.

I have been attending Laughing Unicorn for some months for weekly meditation classes and workshops. Can hardly believe I have found such a wonderful place, where you feel such peace, wholeness and healing for both body and mind.

I know without a doubt Meditation is the most wonderful tool in helping with mental health issues, stress, etc. It calms the mind, and allows a restful place for us to heal from stress, mental health issues and find true peace and healing. I speak from experience.

Would highly recommend this class to anyone. It is warm, friendly and very welcoming.

Kathy Bourne – Dundee



Coming to laughing unicorn is like stepping into a sanctuary, a peaceful haven. It's someplace I've always felt so warmly welcomed, not judged and at home.

Carolanne is an amazing woman who has the ability to put everyone at ease. Her calm and often very funny nature calms the head and heart.

Carolanne's meditation classes are absolutely wonderful. She creates a space that is filled with love and peace. Each meditation is guided with love and with the best intent.

Each class leaves me feeling recharged, calm in mind and focused on what's important and what's not. She teaches the importance of breathing properly and its subsequent effect on the entire nervous system.

I have found myself coming to class in a fair to moderate anxious state and with practising the correct breathing my whole state becomes calm.

For anyone thinking of coming to a class, please come. You would be felt to be most welcome and part of the laughing unicorn family.

To create a space like this is truly magical!            

Jacqueline Stewart – Dundee


My experience of the laughing unicorn has been wonderfull and not only have I been able to meet fantastic caring people I also have been able to allow myself to access the levels of self that I have always known are there but is nicer to enjoy when shared with others.  

Mark Shand - Fife


Laughing Unicorn is a wonderful escape from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I have been attending the meditation evenings on a Wednesday night with Carolanne since the centre opened – this is my escape, my little oasis a place for me. Having suffered Post Natal Depression with both my kids and experienced depressive episodes since, I find this has been so helpful for me. Meeting like minded people, switching my mind off from the thinking that goes on. Having the stillness and calmness – breathing space from the daily challenges of being a Mummy. Wednesday nights are a lifeline and allow me to go back to my children a happier and calmer Mummy, with tools to help me when life gets overwhelming.    

Natalie S – Dundee


A light of love shines down on Dundee with the arrival of the Laughing Unicorn

Having received the Laughing Unicorn into my life I have welcomed it with open arms. The centre has had a huge impact on my life for where I am today, the journeys I have been on and I feel it is the beginning to the journeys that are yet to come.

A healing, safe, welcoming, and secure place where people feel they can come and just be who they are. The centre creates a feeling for people to express who they are in a way they need to with no judgment.

This is a place that has transformed the lives of many I have met since attending including, myself and my partner and this is only the beginning.

Meditation has been something I really wanted to get into a routine of regularly but it has brought more than just a way to relax, for myself I am seeing a way to support my anxiety and stress, I am meeting friends and I see doors are beginning to open to allow for my own growth of self and my spirituality and I have been able to bring meditation into my life on a more regular basis.

I am excited to tell people about the Laughing Unicorn and many have come along for their own experiences passing on their experiences to others,

Whether it is to for counselling, healing, to socialise, discover and taking a journey for yourself, or bring deeper meaning into your own world, things can be adapted and work with your own needs and that’s what I love most is it becomes so personal that each person who comes into this centre come is special and made to feel special.  

Sarah. Fife


What an amazing place filled with love and joy, I cannot say what a difference finding this gem of a place has made to my life, I have been transformed. My first appointment was for Angelic Energy Therapy with Carolanne, I was sceptical at first having never had any thoughts about Angels, but was at a place in my life where something needed to shift, I had been to counselling and wanted to try something different, I was blown away by this immediate shift. I felt an intense heat when we started and two hours later I was in a completely different space. Since then I have had Reiki treatment with Yushna and am now working on Stress Management with Carolanne. Everything has been amazing and life changing is no exaggeration.   A.S. Dundee